About Us

Instruments: Earl Rice (keyboards/Synth/Piano), Henry Mixon (Bass Guitar), Anthonystix Payton (Drums).

An original band was formed in 2007 with members Earl Rice and Henry Mixon. After release of a short-lived CD, several changes were made. The reorganized band, BlendJazz, was formed in 2011. The first CD release, Evolution, occurred in 2012, followed by the second release, NOT THE SAME, in 2015..followed by the third release, Music Do What It Do, in 2016. In April 2016, Anthonystix Payton became the new drummer/percussionist for the band and another new direction for BlendJazz music was developed. Shortly afterwards, the fourth release, Writing On The Wall, was done in 2017. BlendJazz released it's fifth CD entitled, BLAZE THE TRAIL in 2018!!!!! NEW CD..THOUGH THE MIND,  released MAY 1, 2019. 

.The current CD, NEVER

CAN TELL, was released May 1,

2020!!! New  music on the

way...Hold on for the ride!!!